Meet Karol

     From a very young age, I knew that being of service was my calling. I wanted to help people feel good about themselves, relax and feel stress free. However, the kind of service to provide was the question. And so began my journey. 
     In my first career as a hair stylist I loved helping people feel good about themselves in their appearance, and I quickly became aware of my skill for listening. I realized that sincerely listening helped my clients to feel special. What’s more, they would often open up and let go of their frustrations. They would leave my salon not only looking good but beaming from the inside out. 
     Throughout my career I never stopped learning. I studied aromatherapy, got certified in hypnotherapy and completed training in Reiki Level Two. I continued reading and learning more about the human body and mind. Through this study, I realized that to feel healthy we need to nourish the mind, body and spirit.
     I returned to school to pursue a degree in Nursing where I earned my BSN, RN. It was in nursing school when I had my first reflexology session. I was completely stressed over studying for tests, doing reading assignments, trying to complete papers and meet project deadlines. During the reflexology, I felt completely relaxed and stress free. I walked away from the session feeling light on my feet and in my whole body.
     I have been working in hospitals for the past nine years both on a cardiac step down ICU unit and currently on a Mom/Baby/Gyn unit. The stress of work and keeping myself healthy brought me back to having reflexology sessions and I realized I wanted to learn more.
     I am now a National Board Certified Reflexologist. Reflexology has brought together so much of what I have learned in my life and has been such a gift. I would love the opportunity to share this gift with you. Peace, Karol